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Great Day Trips from Toronto

Toronto, located in the province of Ontario, is the largest city in Canada and the fifth largest city in terms of population in all of North America. Many tourists visit Toronto every year to check out the many attractions in the city. Toronto is a fantastic city filled with fascinating places to see, but if you happen to have some extra time, why not check out some other places located nearby?

Some of these places are world famous, while others are lesser known but still wonderful destinations. There are plenty of great day trips from Toronto located within two hours away. Click here to read more »

Choosing Your First Adventure Holiday

Adventure holidays are enjoying an explosion in popularity right now, and why not? The age when the quality of a holiday could be judged on how sunburnt you got is long over.

People are working longer hours than they were just a few years ago and when it comes the time to take a break they want something more than a swimming pool to lounge by. They want excitement, adventure, and a holiday to remember.

Adventure Holiday

There are plenty of adventures to choose from. Horse riding, trekking, caving, rock climbing, scuba diving, off-piste skiing, tall ship sailing- you can pick any one of those activities and base a holiday on it.

If you’re a keen climber or diver you probably have a good idea of what will happen on the trip and what you’ll need, but these days a most adventure holiday providers are more than happy to cater for those with no experience at all.

The first thing to do is to choose your adventure. If you’re going to be holidaying with another person or a group, remember to keep in mind the needs of everyone in the party. All holidays are supposed to be fun, and while a bit of a challenge can bring with it a huge buzz, someone with a serious fear of heights probably won’t enjoy a rock climbing holiday in the French Alps.

A person with weak knees may struggle with a fortnight spent trekking in South America.

There are plenty of adventures that are perfectly appropriate for the less physically fit. Horse riding and river rafting are two of the best, although gentler walking and cycling holidays can be a great way of getting a fitness hit while having a bit of fun.

If you want to walk, choosing a trekking package where you don’t have to carry your own rucksack will take a lot of the pressure off.

A good tip is to make the time to include a touch of luxury towards the end of your adventure holiday. Add a couple of extra days and use them to relax. Combine a caving holiday with a couple of sight-seeing days or a horse riding adventure with a spa weekend.

That way your tired muscles will have a chance to recover before you head back to work.

You certainly don’t need to be in the peak of fitness to enjoy adventure holidays but you might find that a little extra exercise in the run-up period pays off. For one thing it’ll help prevent second day aches and pains.

Pick a couple of Saturdays in the month before you leave on a trekking holiday and go hill walking, or if you’re going skiing or rock climbing there are indoor venues that can help you develop some basic skills.

It’s not a requirement for beginner-level holidays, but the better your foundations are the more fun you’ll have on holiday because you’ll spend less time learning and more time doing. Besides, a little preparation isn’t a chore.

Think of it more as a way of extending your adventure across a couple of extra weekends.

If you have fun on the big adventure – and if you choose the activity correctly you almost certainly will – don’t stop there. Outdoor sports are a great way to keep fit and there is no reason why an adventure holiday can’t be the start of a long-term passion.

About the author

Jess Spate, the author of  “Choosing your first adventure holiday” is a guest travel blogger at the best UK hotel price comparison website. She also works part time for a US travel media on the other side of the Atlantic.

Hotels With Stunning Swimming Pools

For many of us a luxury holiday is something we may only do once or twice every decade, and rightly so. Flights, hotels and other expenses can soon add up to a staggering amount, so while it’s nice to splash out one a little luxury, it’s important to make the right choices in regards to destination and accommodation.

Luxury hotels are an amazing place to spend a few days of the year and the facilities on offer by many luxury hotels are amazing. Their plan is to encourage clients to use the facilities in the hotel to maximise their profits, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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The Best Philly Cheesesteak – Philadelphia’s Speciality

Philadelphia is without a doubt one of the most historic cities in America. Philly is home to landmarks such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall as well as popular tourist destinations like the Philadelphia Zoo, the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Rodin Museum, and the Franklin Institute.

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7 Best Places to Travel to in Bali

Millions of tourists visit Bali as it is filled with beautiful landscapes – hills, mountains, coastlines, and white sandy beaches. Every year, many people choose to spend their holidays in Bali, as it is a great destination for all ages. Visitors can enjoy luxurious Bali holidays on this fascinating island. There are many captivating attractions to visit when having holidays to Bali: Click here to read more »

The most stylish destinations in the world

We all have a different idea about what’s stylish and what’s not, and it’s pretty obvious some people don’t even care, but for those that do, where are the best places to see and buy style?

There are two destinations which are always going to be up there and that’s not just because of the fashion, it’s because the people are beautiful too.  There’s an air of sophistication, in even the most ‘ordinary’ of outfits.

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Top Travel Competitions – February 2011

Top Travel Competitions

Each month we search out some great competitions for Hotels Fairy Travel Club members to try their luck.  Of course we believe that our competition to win a Lonely Planet guide is top!  All you have to do is simply tell us your experiences of using our hotel price comparison system.

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