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20 Best Secrets to Travel Safe

Sara Foster - How to travel safe abroad Best selling Australian novelist Sara Foster shares her 20 best secrets for foolproof global travel.

We’ve all heard those cautionary travellers’ tales of mistakes and misadventure. Here are some simple solutions that will help you to avoid similar pitfalls:

1.    When off the beaten track, skip wearing jewellery as it can attract unnecessary attention, or go for costume jewellery and a cheap watch.

2.    Can you get away without your mobile phone/camera etc? Where possible, avoid taking items that are not insured or you’re not prepared to lose. Back up your pictures regularly to another device. You can also safeguard them by uploading them on to a photo website such as Snapfish, or to Facebook.

3.    Use a small valuables pouch that you can hide beneath your clothes, and always put your money away, don’t hold it. You can get waist pouches or those on a long strap that can go round your neck. Waist pouches are better in hot weather. Click here to read more »

Where is the most beautiful place on earth?

It’s said that beauty is on the eye of the beholder.  We all appreciate different things, which is just as well otherwise we would all want to marry George Clooney or Eva Mendes.  But where is the most beautiful place on earth, and what makes it that way?  Here are a few suggestions, no doubt you’ll add more, and it’s not definitive! Click here to read more »

Record Breaking Hotels

Tallest, oldest, smallest, largest, the world is full of record breakers, things are constantly changing, but how would you like to spend a weekend in a record-breaking hotel.  Here are some suggestions….

The oldest functioning hotel in the world is the Houshi Ryokan in Komatsu, Japan.  The hotel opened its doors to the public in…..718… that makes it 1300 years old.  It is also the world’s oldest continuously operating company, and has been in the same family for forty-six generations!

If you want to stay at the hotel it  offers hot springs, a spa, theatre, pottery making opportunities, a fortune teller and a tranquil garden, perhaps Hotels Fairy will start featuring it soon? Click here to read more »

What not to do in a hire car……

This week I was going to look into the weirdest spiritual retreats, but then on Sunday all that changed.

There are moments in our lives when we are young, full of energy, and wanting to get out there and discover the world that we perhaps take things just that little bit too far, and on Sunday afternoon we encountered two such people.  They only looked about 12, and it was pretty obvious that they had ‘borrowed’ their parents hire car, obvious because of the fluorescent jacket on the parcel shelf and the ‘diesel’ sticker on the petrol flap. Click here to read more »

Home from Home – Why not visit your home town in another country?

I’m sure that most people will be familiar with twinning associations, where towns in different counties become ‘twins’, but have you ever explored the possibility that the place where you live may also have a real twin, a town, village or city with the same name but in a different country?

Leominster UK

I used to live in one of those places, Leominster, Herefordshire, England, and I can say that I did in fact visit Leominster, Massachusetts, USA, whilst on holiday in New Hampshire some years ago.

Now I don’t want to upset anyone, but it is quite amazing how similar these two places are in the middle of February…. anyone out there from Leominster Massachusetts who can back me up?  Cold is a good word, foggy, quiet, not the best season for visiting the sights….need I go on. Click here to read more »