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Fes Hotels Guide

Marrakech - Fes

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The third largest city of Morocco, Fes is one of the most frequented Northern African cities to date. Like Marrakech, Fes was once an imperial city and its significance during its height was paramount. Like most of the cities of Norther Africa, Fes has preserved much of its old city’s elements, while modernity has taken root inside the city as well.

Fes Hotels Compare

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5 Buildings You Should See When in New York City

There is something about New York City that never ceases to awe and amaze us.  Is it its grandiose scale? Its street life? Its “state of mind”?  Whatever it is, this city knows how to charm us and get our attention.  There is no doubt that New York City’s skyline plays a big part in this city’s charm and uniqueness; which at a closer look is defined by an even more interesting architecture.  The Big Apple has a wide range of architectural styles and building types that can spark interest on anyone, from travelers to architectural enthusiasts.  If you want to see some of the most important building in this city, here are 5 buildings you shouldn’t miss when visiting New York City: Click here to read more »

Winner of Luxury Hotel Competition Announced

 Hotel Competition

We’ve had an overwhelming response to our Luxury Hotel Competition over the past few weeks, having received over 8000 entries from 19 countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, India, Spain, Italy and many more…

We spent a lot of time collecting, sorting and analysing the entries to select our winner.

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Marrakech Hotels Guide

Top Marrakech Hotels

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Known to the world as the Red City, Makkarech thrives greatly on its reputation as a former imperial city of Morocco. Located in the near the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, the Red City features an old city, or a Medina, that has retained centuries-old fortifications, and a modern city that houses all the contemporary trappings of life such as the hotels of Marrakech.

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Bergerac Hotels Guide

image by Mr eNilOne of France’s famed wine and tobacco cities, Bergerac is another tourist destination when you talk about Southwestern France. Wines that bear names such as Bergerac, Bergerac Rose, Rosette and Pecharmant are just some of the fine wines produced in this side of the world. Tobacco is also one of Bergerac’s finest products. They even have a tobacco museum (smoking is not allowed!).

Bergerac Hotels Compare
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Top 5 Travel Photography Tips

Travelling and photography are so associated with each other, especially with today’s modern technology. Almost everyone with a mobile phone or a digital camera can take tons of snapshots without worrying much about film or the placement and angles and lighting.

But still, each people want to make good memories of their travels and would want to have their pictures taken in the best possible way ever. Needless to say, you are going to need more than just a functional camera.

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Dinard Hotels Guide

Dinard Hotels France

Image by alkainel

A city that lays in the Côte d’Émeraude, in the Ille-et-Vilaine department in Brittany in north-western France, Dinard is bustling tourist destination because of its fine beaches and very mild climate. Dinard is flooded by tourists, especially during summer time.

Dinard Hotels Compare
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