Tips for better travel photographyTraveling is always fun, but you may not remember the exact sights and sounds years from now. To preserve those memories, you can easily take a photo, but you want the picture to be good. These 10 tips will help you take better travel photos so you can easily keep those memories forever.

Tip 1: Research
Before even lifting the camera, you need to do some research. What type of sights does the travel destination have? Not only that, but when is the best time to take photos? You don’t want to capture just one travel photo that’s crowded with lots of people, so make sure you do your research and find out what is around you.

Tip 2: Record First Impressions
Many travel photography experts have a notebook with them at all times. When they see a new sight or something worth photographing, they write down their first impressions and thoughts. For example, where did your eyes go first when seeing the sight, and what did you feel? This will help you when it comes time to capturing that sight, because you will know what the ideal conditions are for your photo.

Tip 3: Watch the Sight
The sight you want to photograph might look good in the afternoon, but it might look amazing during the twilight hours. If you really want to capture a sight, hang around and see how it changes throughout the day. Understand how it works, and what it looks like in varying levels of light.

Tip 4: Have the Camera Ready
While researching and watching some spots will help, being spontaneous and having your camera always ready is also essential. For example, if you see an eagle about to attack its prey, you cannot go back and wait for the best light. You have to take that photo now. For times like this, you should have your camera constantly at the ready.

Tip 5: Try Different Angles
A mountain might be majestic from far away, but there might be a specific opening in the rock that looks amazing. Try going for different angles, and really explore the sight you are photographing. There may be hidden treasures in the form of great shots, but only if you are willing to look and explore.

Tip 6: Shoot Off-Center
If you know anything about basic photography, then you know your point of interest should be in the center. Try to forget about that every now and then, and shoot off-center. This actually serves to enhance interest in the subject, and it can make for some very interesting shots. If you are unsure about this, then shoot center and off-center, then compare the two.

Tip 7: Forget Midday Shooting
While some travel photos will look great during the midday sun, this is uncommon. Normally the best travel photos will be taken in the morning and twilight. You shouldn’t pass up a spot that looks great during the midday, but remember that these opportunities are rare and you will often waste your time doing this.

Tip 8: The Brightest Spot
When taking travel photos, ensure your subject is the brightest spot in the photo. Your eyes naturally gravitate towards the brightest spot, and people will assume this is the subject unconsciously. Make sure that regardless of what you are shooting, that the brightest spot is always the subject.

Tip 9: Wear Neutral Clothing
Sure, you might like that obnoxiously bright lime green shirt, but you should consider packing it away on days you are taking photos. Whether you are taking black and white or color photos, bright colors can change the appearance of your shot. The colors will reflect off the subject, especially if you are shooting up-close, which can ruin an otherwise great shot.

Tip 10: Look for New Attractions
Many amateur travel photographers just look at the tourist attractions, but they often don’t yield the best shots. Consider wandering around and seeing what is really available. This can help you find unique sights for great photos.

Taking great travel photos is surprisingly easy, especially when you apply these 10 tips. Just try them out, and see how much better your shots turn out. Not only that, but these tips will help you really experience what a travel destination has to offer.

Jade Evans the author of the “10 tips for better travel photography” is an avid blogger and frequent contributor to a variety of blogs on several topics, including general news and how-to information.