Weekend road trip with my girlfriends

Everybody has to deal with an increasing amount of work, and we all try to make the best to satisfy our managers and our customers. But sometimes, just a little time for ourselves will prove more useful then we could have ever expected. Just a few days outside of our nest, or outside of our comfort zone can leave us feeling ultra-refreshed.

Here’s 10 good reasons why a weekend road trip will make us happier and more relaxed:

  1. Get off-the-beaten track. You don’t even know what you’re missing if you don’t deviate from your everyday road. Take your best friends or your family for an trip somewhere you have all never been before. Somewhere away from tourists, the pollution and the noise of the city.
  2. Meet new people. Getting out of your comfort zone and into unfamiliar places often makes you more open to meeting new people as you need to rely on other people for things like directions and recommendations for restaurants and hotels. These new encounters often lead to interesting conversations with people you wouldn’t have normally met if you hadn’t left home.
  3. Relaxing while listening to your favorite music. Perhaps you need a break and don’t want to see anybody but you want to get out in the fresh air. Hop into your car, or if you don’t own one you can rent one very cheap from a peer to peer car rental such as DriveMyCarRentals and take a drive out to the countryside by yourself. With nothing but your ipod and the open road you will feel re-energized in no time.
  4. Spending time with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Taking an adventure with your loved one is not only a nice way to spend time together but it can also help strengthen your relationship. Whatever your motives, taking a weekend on the road with your soul mate can be a beautiful experience, something that will show him/her that you trust them and that you love them.
  5. Bettering your driving skills. The advantage of driving on the weekend is that most of the times the traffic is less intense. This is a great opportunity for you to improve your driving skills.  To be on the safe side, ask a friend to join you and keep an eye on your performance.
  6. Camping with your friends. There is no greater joy than to spend a night out in the company of your best mates. You will want to relax and you will want to keep an eye on how much you drink though. Too much will render you useless for driving the next morning. The best thing to do is to avoid alcohol altogether.
  7. Getting to know your new car. If you’ve just recently bought a new car, or for that matter your first car ever, you sure want to know how it drives, how it feels on the road and how it responds. A new car can be a great excuse to get out on the open road and feel the wind in your hair and then sun on your face.
  8. Going to that special place. It doesn’t matter if it’s the place where you first met your lifelong companion, or the place where you were born. A pilgrimage is always a good way to make the weekend count and to relax and regain your strength.
  9. Going to a music festival. Maybe your favorite band will be giving a concert this weekend in a nearby location. Just grab your friends, jump in the car and let the fun begin. Spend one night at the location and on the following day come home with a lot of stories to tell. It’s a great plan however you look at it.
  10. See the sunset and sunrise. The best place to see the sunset and rise is usually at the beach. Find a camping spot on the beach and you are in prime position to watch one of natures most spectacular shows.

Kristy MacDonald, the author of the “10 great reasons to take that weekend road trip” writes for Drive My Car Rentals a new peer to peer car rental community, where you can save up to 60% on the cost of traditional car rental companies.